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Why Different Type of Education Requires for the future?

In the present day, the rapid advancement in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have become overwhelming. Also, the arrival of the extraordinary capacity of our production economy and its impact on the future of labour is inevitable. These two advancements called “The Great Displacement”-which is very close. The book The war on Normal People, explains how automation of tasks and AI leads to elimination of millions of jobs. And Covid has expedited this process
The current situation that education is at, look like a banking model: a method in which the teacher has the knowledge, and thus the power, and their role is to deposit knowledge into students, who are likely empty vessels or saving accounts. This method fits the needs for labour who now feel less secure due to AI and automation.

Parents Who Have The Choice of Education for their Children

In the context of our children’s future, how can we expect to arrive at the right answer if we’re not asking the right question. 
Is the value of human’s brain to be treated as saving account through banking model education?

What our children learn, how they learn and why they learn in banking model education?

Collectively with what they learn and how they learn, will they be able to create value for their future and survive in uncertainty?

How much what they learn now is different from our time?
Can creativity and critical thinking be cultivated inside culture that treats knowledge exclusively as a static object from teacher to student?

Who Should Press Reset Bottom?

When educators debate the purpose of education, a consistent dichotomy is on display:
​​​​​​​a) is the purpose of education to prepare a workforce?
b) is the purpose of education to nurture critical thinking and creativity?
We can no longer afford to dedicate the greater minds of Gen Z to option (a). We need to hit reset bottom and redefine what our children learn, how they learn and why they learn. We need to put them in right education to learn first principles, radical curiosity, and value creation.
The reality is that no one can reset this bottom world-wide or even nation-wide as banking model education has achieved a too big to fail status. It is No longer effective or thriving, but it is too big to fail.

In this situation, every family should take its own intelligence to guide their children in education matter in relation to the conversation the world is engaged in.

Example of Project Based Learning (PBL)

PBL in Pre-Primary Level

PBL in Lower Secondary

PBL in Secondary