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​​​​​​​Job Vacancy and Training for Special Needs

Our story in brief: since 2015 we at Bright Birds Academy are following IGCSE Cambridge program for Mild Special Need Students. For Mild-Moderate special needs we have been doing computer-based trainings so far and just recently we moving to culinary art area and restaurant training. To be practical we have opened a Cafe named “KESEDARAN (Dikendalikan oleh Belia Berkeperluan Khas)”. Our aim is to empower those students that aren’t capable or interested to continue in academic and they are more to do practical.
Category of: (GDD, Slow Learner, Autism, Dyslexia, ADD)
-Basics of reading & writing (by technology assistance is fine), 
​​​​​​​-Math (with calculator assistance is fine), 

​​​​​​​Job Vacancy and Training for Special Needs

-Acceptable level of communication and speaking skill (minimum social and reply is fine), ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​-Not having severe anger, severe mood swing, severe depression matters,
-Can focus and follow simple step by step instructions, Independent in personal hygiene, and daily life For Training,-Doesn’t need knowledge or experience in food and beverage handling,​​​​​​​- For immediate job vacancy having a training certificate and above requirements is necessary​​​​​​​
Vocational Training and Internship/Job age group:
Students above 14 years old can join training program however only 18 years old above are eligible to apply for job vacancy From 18 years old above students -who will show their capabilities to handle the instructions in training- will be selected for internship as part time working in KESEDARAN café and their work is payable accordingly to internship program Youth 18 years old above -who has completed

​​​​​​​Job Vacancy and Training for Special Needs

cooking, baking, barista training with a certificate- are eligible to apply for job vacancy in KESEDARAN café ​​​​​
Scope of training:
Chef Nadiah has already prepared lessons starts with basics of food handling safety and hygiene, washing/chopping, baking and cooking in small portions. From here we will advance the students experience and skills to higher level of baking, cooking and culinary art. Additionally for students who will join internship program there will be training in café works, barista, communicating and assisting customer in buffet food
Fee Structure:
Vocational training half day program (above 14 years old) Mon-Fri/9am-12 noon, RM 2,500 per month Internship (only for 18 years old above) during vocational training Mon-Fri 12noon-3 pm, RM 500 per month Full time job vacancy in KESEDARAN (8:30 am-4:30 pm), Mon-Sat (one day off on weekdays) RM 2,500

Urban Farming

Learn how to grow your own produce in the heart of the city with this urban farming course.
Farming is viable on a small property if you: Growing the right kind of crops Use proper techniques for small spaces Get creative with your container and land use Urban areas may not be appropriate for producing wheat, rice or for farming large animals; but many crops can be grown on small plots and still be economically viable. Farming in urban areas has one major advantage — produce does not need to be transported so far, which reduces carbon emissions and improves freshness.
​​​​​​​Course Duration: 900 hours


Enroll in Photography Course that will walk you through the fundamentals of photography.
You will master the skill of working with your camera, understand how to get the most from your lens and how to perfect your exposure for the quintessential romantic sunset shot. With lessons that are strictly hands-on and interactive, you will soon turn a pro yourself. Our online photography courses allow students to engross themselves in a curriculum enabling them to explore unlimited creative possibilities.
Course Duration: 4 weeks

Restaurant Training

A restaurant training program will help in up-selling, providing the best possible service, ensuring that complaints never leave the table, and encouraging diners to return.
What could you walk out the door with?
• he ability to personally connect with your customers.
• How to properly follow-up with customers during their dining experience. How to up-sell appropriately and consistently.
​​​​​​​• Advanced complaint management and order fulfillment skills.​​​​​​​
Course Duration: 4 weeks


Learn all the tricks and techniques professional painters use to paint homes.
What you’ll learn
•    How to prep before you start painting
•    What tools you should always use to achieve a professional looking paint job
•    How to clean surfaces before painting
•    How to fill nail holes with one easy technique
•    How to drywall effectively
•    How to tape off effectively
•    How to paint doors, trim and baseboards
•    How to clean your brushes
•    A recap on everything from start to finish
Course Duration: 3 weeks


There are certain skills you need to begin a career in plumbing. The program helps you develop them quickly and conveniently.
You’ll learn how to:
•    Interpret construction drawings and specifications.
•    Assemble, install, test, and maintain plumbing systems.
•    Repair and maintain water heating systems.
•    Install and troubleshoot the plumbing for dishwashers and other appliances.
•    Start your own plumbing business.
Course Duration: 6 weeks


Resilient Flooring and Hardwoods Today’s resilient flooring products are highly engineered combinations of polymer material. We will show you how to use them through hands-on instruction. The floorcovering training program will teach you everything from basic installation procedures to more advanced and complex methodologies.
Carpet Training
Carpet is everywhere, and in the flooring business, it’s important to know all about it. We’ll make sure that you know carpet inside and out, and understand how to install it.
Course Duration: 2 months

Sushi Course

This course teaches students how to make sushi from a basic level first, then slowly advances to more difficult levels. After completing, they’ll be able to learn different cutting skills, ingredient preparation, and etc.
​​​​​​​Some of the key lessons you’ll learn are:
•    How to use different knives and tools
•    How to prepare basic vegetables
•    How to make different kinds of rolls (Uramaki, Hosomaki, Futomaki)
•    How to make popular sushi sauces
•    How to prepare seafood for tempura
•    How to fabricate different fish
•    How to make sashimi and nigiri, and presentation basics
Course Duration: 2 months


This course is for the beginning or intermediate baker with basic baking knowledge and kitchen skills.
•    How to mix and shape dough
•    How to handle sticky, wet dough
•    Learn ways to get a crispy, blistered crust
•    How to get large holey crumb
•    How to develop dough without kneading it
•    Why measurements are important
•    How to make your own sourdough starter
•    Learn to slash/score the dough
•    How to follow a formula
Course Duration: 2.5 months

Microsoft Office Essential Skills

This course requires no previous knowledge, but assumes that students will have access to a PC and a copy of Office 2010 or later.
Who this course is for:
•    You should take this course if you use Microsoft Office at work but have never been trained
•    Take this course if you want to become more confident, achieve progression at work or find a new job
•    Update your skills by taking this course if you are returning to work after a career break
Course Duration: 3 months

Accounting Clerk

You don’t need to have any accounting or finance experience as we will cover all of the concepts from scratch. A requirement is that you have access to and a very basic understanding of how to use Microsoft Excel as we will use Microsoft Excel in the course as we will be analyzing and creating a Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement. We will also learn how to create the following from scratch using Microsoft Excel: financial models so we can come up with target prices using Discounted Cash Flow, the Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Price to Earnings, Price to Revenue, etc. – again all from scratch (assuming you have no or some accounting/finance knowledge). Course Duration: 3 months


A cashier is a customer service professional responsible for the daily operations of a retail or department store.
•    Operating cash registers, product scanners and payment machines to facilitate customer purchases
•    Collecting payments from customers
•    Learning the layout of the store and providing customers with quick responses to questions about product locations
•    Helping bag customer purchases as they’re scanned
•    Completing simple mental mathematics for calculating tax and issuing change for purchases
Course Duration: 2 months

Website Design

HTML, CSS, and JQuery
Hosting & Domains
Search Engine Optimisation
WordPress & WooCommerce
Create a Sample Website
Course Duration: 2 months

C Programming

•    Basic Declarations and Expressions , Basic Algorithm
•    Variable Type , Conditional Statement
•    For Loop , Array
•    Pointer , Linked List
•    Numbers
•    String , Math
•    Recursion , File Handling
•    Algorithm
•    Search and Sorting
Course Duration: 4 months


What you will learn in three levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
•    Basics of SQL
•    MySQL server administration
•    Backup and recovery of MySQL database
•    InnoDB and MyISAM Storage Engines
•    Security
•    Performance monitoring
•    MySQL Enterprise
•    MySQL Workbench
Course Duration: 6 months

​​​​​​​Special Need Teacher Training Courses in Dyslexia, Autism, OT, Speech, Behaviour, Communication:Certificate of attendance and course completion will be provided with the opportunity of 3 months internship in our school. At the end of internship we will provide recommendation letter as teaching exprience.    
​​​​​​​Course Duration: 3 months                                                             ​​​​​​​