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What is the qualification and credential?

Diagnosis should be as accurate as possible. An accurate diagnosis requires comprehensive and multi dimension assessment. We have met a lot of parents who have done a lot of costly assessments with no report at hand or with minimum details in the report and even sometimes different diagnosis from various sources. Here, we emphasize on the fact that a reliable diagnosis is the one has been done with a team of experts who are credible; qualified educationally and experienced. A team of Doctors including psychologist, special need education advisor, therapist, pediatric, and psychiatrist need to work together to come out with an accurate diagnosis. The results of diagnosis and assessment should be enough detailed to come out with a customized schedule for each individual child educationally and therapy wise. The progress of each individual child should be monitored and recorded to decide on the effectiveness of current method/protocol or any need to update the method/protocol for individual which should be done among the team of Drs.​​​​​​​