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Homeschooling program (13 years old above, no age limmitation, igcse cambridge syllabus)

Homeschooling or home school is the education of those children who do not go to public or mainstream school and join us as private school. Every individual student will have own specific schedule according to the convenience of parents and student. Every student needs and requirements are followed in education strategy. This method of schooling is already long practiced in western countries and many developed Asian countries. These students will take the final exam as private candidate in national syllabus or IGCSE Cambridge. We will do all the arrangements for our homeschooling students. The process begins with a friendly assessment, and a trial one week schooling before registration.
We will do an expert assessment on the student’ knowledge. Purpose is not to be taken as any formal on-boarding process. The aim is to get an overview of your son/daughter’s areas of strengthen, weakness and interest in the subjects taken by them. This would enable us to design a training plan best suited for each child in a manner to increase their interest and tap their potential to achieve the best results possible.
Trial One Week Schooling
We understand that private school can be a big decision/change for students as well as parents. We also want all students who enroll to familiarize with the new environment, students, be conformable and most importantly get know their teachers and schools teaching style, At the end of first week trial classes, we will ask students idea regarding all the subjects taken and each teachers teaching methods.